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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone volunteer?


You need to be 18 years old and can pass a standard DBS check
DBS info

Will I need computer skills?


All our roles require using a computer. Knowledge of using computers is vital.
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Does the training take long?

It depends

Each role is different, the more client facing the more learning required.
Volunteer roles

Do I need professional qualifications?


All training is provided which is broken into self-study and group activities
Volunteer roles

How many hours commitment?

Ideally 2 sessions

A session is 4hrs, so 8hrs in total per week. Each role has a commitment.
Volunteer roles

What about holidays?

Of course

We understand volunteers have lives! We only ask for some notice so we can make plans
Volunteer roles

What about child commitments?

We understand

We appreciate that certain times of the year you will not be available, that is fine
Volunteer roles

I am an existing client?

Not a problem

You can volunteer after a 6mth gap from the last time we provided assistance
Volunteer roles

My life is hectic, can I do a few hours here and there?


Client facing roles are not adhoc but others can be looked into
Volunteer roles

Do you pay travel costs?

Of course

We reimburse for parking & mileage to and from the centre & pay for travel if you attend training offsite.
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