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Hertfordshire Adviceline Service - 0800 144 88 48 Click this image to get access to advice by email by completing a web form at Citizens Advice Food Support Helpline 0808 208 2138 open Monday- Friday 9-5 Consumer Helpline - 0808 223 1133 Help to claim - Universal Credit - 0800 144 8 444

Asylum Seeker & Refugee Advice Form

A free, confidential Citizens Advice service supporting Asylum Seekers & Refugees in Hertfordshire on Housing & Employment Rights

Please note this is a rights advice service, we are unable to help you find work or housing.

If you are an Asylum Seeker or Refugee in Hertfordshire we can help you with Housing & Employment matters such as:

  • if you are at risk of homelessness
  • to understand your rights & responsibilities around housing issues such as; starting or ending a housing tenancy, housing conditions, disrepair, overcrowding, discrimination or conflicts
  • helping Ukrainians to access the HCC Rent Deposit Scheme
  • to understand your employment rights such as Right to Work, contracts, pay & conditions
  • If you are at risk of losing employment – disciplinary, dismissal, grievances
  • If you don’t think you are being treated fairly or being discriminated against

To request a telephone appointment, please complete the form below (we will contact you within 5 working days):