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Synergy Dacorum

Working together to support you

What is it?

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Synergy Dacorum is a partnership between many organisations within the Dacorum area and its role is to ensure a client can be referred to the correct organisation/s that provide the client with purposeful assistance (with clients written consent).

Please explain!

A person arrives at our offices and they have no money, benefits may have been stopped and they cannot afford…

Citizens Advice Dacorum does not hold monies at our premises to provide monetary assistance to clients.


The client would be told about different organisations that could assist. The client would need to make a call to each organisation and explain the situation again.


With Synergy Dacorum we complete a Synergy Referral (after getting client’s written consent) which is passed to a Synergy partner that deals with this particular area/issue. The partner then arranges to see them and decide what assistance they can provide.

How does this help?

The referral gives enough information for the partner to have an understanding of  the issue in general, and why they have been referred. This allows for a quicker response as the organisation will contact the client directly.